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It can be very difficult to know which are the best betting sites. The Betting world is full of people who exaggerate their betting gains and hide their gambling losses. Some betting sites charge a lot of money for their bet picks.  Many sites offer free picks as a means of attracting you.  Here are some of the ways we encourage you to pick out the better ones.


Many of the betting sites that appear high up in google search rankings have been written specifically to achieve that goal. However, a closer look at their content will show that it is very shallow. Many are nothing more than pure unadulterated advertising sites for the ‘best Colorado sportsbook promos’’, or some such obvious ‘google keywords’. They might have included a search phrase such as mlb expert picks specifically to appear high in google. Closely examine the content and ask yourself is it high quality.  Apart from superficial reviews of different sportsbooks, is it actually offering you, the reader, any real value?

Betting Tips record

If a betting site focuses on betting tips, are they transparent about their betting record?  Apart from boasting about wins and losses, do they show a comprehensive view of their full betting history? shows our record here. If somebody is an expert in bet picks NHL, can you see their full unblemished record?  Be especially wary of those that partly show results, as this is an easy way to cover up losses.  It is hard to consistently win at sports betting.  Be cautious of those boasting about ‘winning streaks’ and the like, as everyone also has losing streaks.  In addition, be careful about sites that do not display their full ROI (Return on Investment) as explained in this article. It is wasy to cover up poor returns where only ‘winning units’ or a win/loss record only is displayed.  This is because it is easy enough to have a positive win record by just betting on a poorly priced favorite.  That does not mean you are a particularly profitable bettor.

Can you bet on anything?

You can bet on practically anything, but that does not mean it is wise to do so.  In general, it is wise to look for sites that genuinely specialize in their sports.  As an example, have a very good record in golf tips and picks.  This is because we have specialist knowledge with 15 years of experience in golf betting-you can see our current record here. We see many US sites trying to cover all sports and the quality of their golf tips are very poor indeed.  They are highly unlikely to be profitable.  An immediate giveaway is suggesting that 3 of their favorite tips for an upcoming tournament are well-known top 20 players.  This looks good enough in a betting tips article, but is a sure-fire way to lose on golf betting, as the value (positive EV) bets are normally not amongst the favorites.