Can betting be profitable?

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The simple answer is yes it can be if you can find enough weakness in the Sportsbook’s prices to overcome the 10%+ margin they hold. We want to be the best sports betting site and for you to profit.

Without finding your edge, your original capital will erode at 10% per bet. So it is, therefore, necessary to find such an edge.  The good news is that many can and have done it.

In theory, the bookies only make 10% on your business and do not care if you are right or wrong.  This is not true in reality, or the Sportsbooks would never limit anybody. However, leaving these arguments aside (see our article on how bookies make their money), you are really betting against the public to a large degree.  This creates many opportunities for profit. These can come from a whole variety of ‘mis-pricing’ in the marketplace. These often exceed the 10% hurdle we need to overcome. If we want to be the best sports betting site, then we will need to help exceed this hurdle, by giving you the best betting tips.

Here are some examples-

  1. Sportsbook prices are actually set by a very limited number of price setters, the rest are mainly ‘followers’.  While these price setters know what they are doing, by definition, they are not experts in every single sport or game, and pricing weakness does exist
  2. The public famously bets with their hearts rather than their minds which leads to obvious opportunity.  Hence, betting against the public has credibility
  3. Any individual can become a better expert in a particular sport than the general sportsbooks.  Pricing will contain the information necessary on ‘big news’ such as a highly ranked player being injured. However,  it will not allow for the many subtle differences that a true follower of a sports team (without their heart ruling their head) should be able to recognize.  Maybe it’s that intuitive feeling from watching a team that they are coming good, even though their results do not reflect it yet
  4. Many sports teams are actually better than their results; conversely, many are worse.  Sportsbook pricing tends to follow results more than performance, which a true fan can better interpret. Even the best sports betting site in the world can’t have as much insight as a true fan
  5. Likewise, sportsbook pricing does not always contain enough pricing adjustments for the emotional aspects of both team and individual sports.  True fans might know his team will give the performance of their lives to avoid a whitewash in a series.  Yet, the Sportsbook’s pricing reflects they have lost 3 in a row
  6. Similar concepts can apply at certain away games or against certain opponents. Here form can go out the window, and a certain history in the fixture can weigh heavily on the result
  7. A true fan can spot teams coming into form and conversely, teams starting to go downhill before their results (and the sportsbook pricing) reflect these trends.

In-Play Betting at the best sports betting site

  1. In-Play betting creates many opportunities, both including the above and some unique ones. Some such examples are-
    1. Two attacking teams are expected to shoot a high score in an important game. However, it is obvious quickly they are both being quite cautious in how they start-get on the Under quickly….
    2. A favorite team looks a bit off quickly, not finding their expected rhythm.  Even though nobody has scored yet, it is obvious the underdog has a better chance in this game than their price suggests
    3. The author’s personal favorite is a version of betting against the public. This always happens when a golf tournament comes down to a 2 or 3 man shoot-out. This either happens down the home straight, or even better, in a play-off. The sportsbook odds (driven by the betting public in this in-play case) severely punish a player making a bad shot (e.g. finds a greenside bunker with their approach) and severely overreacts to the opponent who finds the green 30 feet from the hole.  Despite the FACT that both will in all probability shoot par (pros make 80%-95% par out of bunkers versus a less than 5% hole out rate for 30+ foot putts), one player odds double and the other halves. This creates endless in-play opportunities. You should be able to get all participants in the shoot-out at very favorable +odds. Just wait until they hit a half-bad shot or their opponent hits a only half-decent shot (more than 10 feet from the hole).

So, in summary, it is indeed possible to profit from sports betting.  It takes discipline (minimize stupid bets and bankroll management) and a lot of knowledge to consistently ‘beat the bookies’.  Hopefully, our well-thought-out free betting picks provided daily on this site will help you achieve that. This will help us achieve our aim of being the best sports betting site. Here is an interesting article with some other thoughts.