Importance Of Line Shopping

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It seems obvious to stress the importance of line shopping. However, it is surprising how many people don’t understand why line shopping in sports betting is so important. If you want to go shopping for NFL betting lines there are many sites that claim to give you the best betting lines today. A word of warning though, as explained below, not all are complete.

Let’s jump right into the heart of the issue. Below are live excerpts today from some of the best betting lines today sites.  These cover 2 of our own betting sports, baseball and golf. The baseball match is the Rockies and diamondbacks.  Golf is the Scottish open after day 1. It would be a similar picture if you went shopping for NFL betting lines or any other sport.


Summary of differences in line shopping for sports betting

In the table below we compare the best and worst odds in both of the above examples. You can see that the differences range from 13% to 21%.  These are just 2 simple examples.  Much higher differences exist, especially in more minor sports.


We have stated elsewhere that any long-term return (ROI) on your sports betting in excess of 20% is a good return.  This is well in excess of current long-term interest rates, which even with a recession looming are only at 3-6%. Therefore, it would be almost criminal from an ROI perspective to give up 10-20%+ from poor lines or odds.  Now, hopefully, you understand the importance of line shopping.

WeWinGames approach to line shopping in sports betting

When you go looking for NFL shopping lines, it is common in many sports betting sites that show lines to only show a limited selection of lines. Why is this?  The most common reason is that they only want to show you sports books that they are affiliated with. This means that they hope you will be motivated by the best line to sign up for that sports book on their site.  This is how they get paid their affiliate fees.  The second most common reason is technical glitches. The lines or odds cannot be automatically found for a given sportsbook.

WeWinGames also receives commission when you use our site to sign up for one of our sportsbook partners, however, we do not hide that fact.  On the contrary, we openly advertise it to you as means of accessing our free betting tips and picks for free.  Furthermore, we do not limit our line hopping in sports betting comparison service to only sportsbooks we are affiliated with.  This is for the simple reason that would be against our customers’ interest-meaning YOU.

As stated in our mission statement here, our objective is for you to enjoy your sports betting more. This will be more enjoyable if you are profitable.  Therefore, we feel obliged to attempt to show you ALL available lines in any market, even when we do not financially gain from it. That way you can feel confident that you are truly getting the best betting lines today. We would be hypocritical to stress the importance of line shopping and show you the full extent of lines and odds available.