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In a world full of bet predictions, it is worth asking the question is it possible to be good at something such as nba predictions. Is it tantamount to reading the future?

Bet Predictions

In a world full of bet predictions, it is worth asking the question is it possible to be good at something such as nba predictions. Is it tantamount to reading the future? Is this the same for the nba playoffs predictions?

When the cbs nba picks or the cbs mlb predictions are being made, how are these picks really derived?

There are basically 2 schools of thought on this subject. The first one suggests that using statistical and historical data can give you good clues to future performance.  The second suggests that all the data in the world will not make up for good ‘intuition’.

Using Statistical data to make predictions

As discussed in our section comparing the stock markets to sports betting here, the world of financial algorithms and modelling is already well and truly part of the sports betting world.  Models range from all the typical major sports’ extensive databases to highly sophisticated prediction algorithms. Whether it is a team’s performance away from home or the latest injury reports, there is no shortage of data. This can all come together together in sophisticated models to predict performance.  We explain in our own golf betting tips introduction here, the models we use ourselves.  This matches individual golf course profiles to individual player strengths and weaknesses.  We combine this with progressive form models to select our best players.  We then run Expected Value (EV) models to select the best value bets for those players. The best NBA predictions and the best NBA playoffs predictions should use similar models.

Using Intuition to make predictions.

That always controversial 6th sense of intuition is a very important part of good profitable sports betting. All of the models in the world cannot account for every factor like the human brain can. Some people like to call it ‘go with your gut feeling’ or various other colloquialisms. Not all people are gifted with the same levels of intuition.  Ironically there tends to be a trade-off in the brain between those leaning towards more factual-based data and those leaning more towards creativity/intuition. Without meaning to generalize, lawyers are typically more fact-based and artists more creative as an extreme example. However, the ability to piece together in the brain many disparate pieces of information is a huge advantage in sports betting. Even thinking about let’s say 1 match could involve considerations such as-

  • Motivations levels for both teams
  • Fatigue levels
  • Injury status
  • Home and away records
  • Form of star players
  • History of the same fixture
  • And so on and so on

Not only would modelling struggle to cope with all of the above, but it would inevitably get many answers wrong.  One week the model might put let’s say a 10% weight on the historical record and be close enough. However, the next week that weighting is way wrong because of some completely new factor, such as a big local festival weekend occurring. Hence the weighting is all wrong in the second week.  This is why the human intuitive ability is needed in conjunction with any models. Hopefully, this intuition is being used the next time you listen to the cbs nba picks or the cbs mlb picks.

How to make the best bet predictions

By now the answer should be obvious, of course, it is combining the important core data from models with the human intuition levels necessary to make sense of all the data and properly draw logical conclusions. Whether it is nba predictions or the nba playoffs predictions, the answer is the same-you need to combine both. That is what goes into those cbs nba picks as well as thos