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Expert Picks and Tips

We have exhaustively tested many sources of such tips and recommendations including many sources of bet expert tips and picks. It is not wise to take many so-called best professional picks tipsters at their word. This is especially so when they charge significant money for their services. This gives them a real motivation to exaggerate their winnings and stay silent on their losses.

We have recruited people with specialities in their favorite sports to arrive at our daily bet tips and picks. We advocate this approach rather than pretending to be experts in everything.

Nobody can pretend to be the world’s greatest experts in the various sports they cover. However, we can promise that we have spent 2 years developing our tipping sources and expertise to bring you the best bet picks.  We have discarded many sources along the way where we did not believe they consistently resulted in winning daily sports bet tips today.

Free Bet Picks and Tips

You do not have to pay for our bet picks of the day.  We know this is off-putting to people new to sports betting. Therefore, we have developed the solution of you being able to get out premium bet tips for free. Simply use our links to download and open a new account with one of our sportsbook partners. Then you can have our premium best picks to bet today.

We also show here our historical record of actual bets placed to help you decide what are the best bet picks tonight. Don’t forget to check out statistical support as well such as this authoritative source of baseball stats.

 We also encourage you to shop around when trying to decide the best bet to place today. This is part of what we have done. If you find better sources for the best bets for today, we would love to hear about them.  We will road-test them for inclusion in our free daily tips and picks.  They will need to pass our consistency and profitability criteria In order to be included in our daily free picks.

We truly hope you can become a successful and profitable bettor. It is our objective, in some small way, to help you in that endeavor.